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A wide range of choices to suit every budget. 

Traditional Wooden Coffins 

Traditional 'shaped' coffins, made of hard oak or elm wood, have been used for years. Only since hardwood became expensive to buy, soft woods (such as pine), or 'chipboard veneered' coffins became the cheaper alternative. These coffins can be finished with handles and nameplates. Chipboard veneered coffins are by far the biggest seller at present, as they are strong and reasonably priced. Please click on any image below to see an enlarged version of the selected image. 
Langley Elm £450
Langley Elm  
Langley Oak £450.00
Langley Oak 
Langley Mahogany  

Italian Wooden Coffins 

The Last Supper £1,500.00 
Italian Mahogany £1,695.00 
Canterbury £550
Named Langley  


Head of Christ Solid Oak £1,950.00 
Italian Walnut £1,725.00 


Head of Christ Mahogany £1,785.00 

Wicker and Bamboo Coffins  Wicker is not a material in itself, but rather an overall classification of products woven from any one of a variety of materials. So with that in mind, wicker coffins can be made from anything flexible, be that willow, bamboo, sea-grass, banana leaf or even water hyacinth. 


Environmentally Friendly Coffins  If you fancy something very different, there are a few contemporary, very environmentally friendly options out there, which mix style, design and traditional techniques. By being innovative in their design, these alternative coffins are made from recycled paper and are exceptionally sturdy. They are 100% bio-degradable, and so ideally suited for natural burial sites, but can obviously be used for burial in traditional grounds and cremation as well.  


Pink Roses - £500.00
Pink Roses 
Black Cats & Flowers - £500.00
Black Cats & Flowers 
Bluebells in Ashridge - £500.00
Bluebells in Ashridge 
Blue Butterflies - £500.00
Blue Butterflies 
Remember - £500.00
Lilac Butterflies 
Balloons  - £500.00
African Sunset - £500.00
African Sunset 
Bed of Roses - £500.00
Bed of Roses 
Fishing Lake - £500.00
Fishing Lake 
Ballet - £500.00
African Elephants - £500.00
African Elephants 
Tunes - £500.00
Big Cats - £500.00
Big Cats 
Piano Music - £500.00
Antique Automobiles 
Antique Union Jack - £500.00
Antique Union Jack 
Butterflies & Flowers - £500.00
Acoustic Guitar 
Lambretta Seaside - £500.00
Lambretta Seaside 
Birds of Britain - £500.00
Birds of Britain 

Pictorial Wooden  Our Wooden Coffins have the option to come with a matching lining and pillow inside. A perfect tribute to your loved one. 

Armada - £647.00
Bluebell Butterflies - £647.00
Bluebell Butterflies 
Four Seasons - £647.00
Four Seasons 
Black Jet - £647.00
Black Jet 
Buttercups - £647.00
The Creations of Adam - £647.00
The Creations of Adam 
Deep Space - £647.00
Deep Space 
Biplanes - £647.00
Aurora - £647.00
Blushing Rose - £647.00
Blushing Rose 
American Flag - £647.00
American Flag 
Butterfly Sunset - £647.00
Butterfly Sunset 

Caskets   Caskets provide an impressive alternative to a traditional wooden coffin. They are either made of solid wood or steel sheet. They come fully finished with quality plush linings, and include all fixtures and fittings that embellish the exterior of the caskets.   

Hardwood Collection 

Purity £1,950.00 
Provincial £1,850.00 
Marshall £7,260.00 
Corpus Christi £2,025.00 
Royal £4,200.00 
New England Oak £2,200.00 
Regent £1,890.00 
Manhattan £2,850.00 
Forestville £2,340.00 

Metal Collection 

Innocence £960.00 
Rosalie £1,980.00 
Royal Blue £1,900.00 
Devotion £1,550.00 
Alexius £5,400.00 
Veronica £2,220.00 
Kennedy £4,425.00 
Platinum Royal £1,830.00 
Pure Gold £1,950.00 
Maxence £2,700.00 
Centurion £2,055.00 
Tearose £1,800.00 

Cremation Casket Biodegradable. Suitable for cremation. White finish. White interior. Swing bar handles. 

The Alaska Casket £885.00 
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