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An Independent Family Company 
BB Funerals 
An Independent Family Company 
PHONE: 020 8441 0176  •  MOBILE: 07538 276130 

BB FUNERALS - Better to Know Us and Not Need Us, Than to Need Us and Not Know Us 

BB Funerals is a well-established family funeral directors with over 20 years of experience
We realised how difficult it was to pay for funeral costs. As such we introduced our internet company BB Funerals to try and keep costs as low as possible by operating out of our Head Office in London. 

Our Packages 

THE Direct Funeral 

A simple, unattended funeral at a crematorium of our choice 
plus disbursements 

THE Simple Funeral 

A simple cremation at a crematorium of our choice 
plus disbursements 

THE Classic Funeral 

A ceremony with a hearse, bearers and conductor in your chosen crematorium 
plus disbursements 

THE Traditional Funeral 

All the features of the Classic package with a prior ceremony at a place of worship 
plus disbursements 
Also check out our Pre-Paid Funeral Plans and our ranges of Coffins, Urns and Floral Tributes